We make new terrain from old tires

About Tinker's Lair

Tinker's Lair is focused on the gaming comunity with that "Do It Yourself" spirit.  We make Terrain that our customers can paint and modify to what best suits their games, be it  terrain for War Gaming or Role Playing Games.
Our products can also be used with Doll Houses, Model Trains, Dioramas and as backdrops to display Action Figures and other miniatures.

We may be contacted at  info@tinkerslair.com
You can find our main website at this website:  http://tinkerslair.com

The Tinker's Lair is located in Sacramento, CA , USA

We have been making terrain since 2002. The company has been making and selling terain with a business licence since 2012. This store was launched on July 2nd 2012.

Tinker's Lair is
Donald Gentry & Friends