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    Q: Do you sculpt all your own items?
    A: No, we sculpt some of them and others we make by modifying pieces created from molds by www.hirstarts.com an excellent company with whom we have a license deal with.

  • Caverns of Blood Modular Dungeon System


    Caverns of Blood is a modular dungeon system made from recycled tires. It uses a modular tile system based on a 1" grid floors making it especially easy to use with popular RPG game systems.
    The sets come unfinished in black primer. They take paint easily;the ones in the pictures were painted with simple house paint.
    Recycled tire rubber comes to our manufacture ground up and then is pressed together with a binder creating detailed durable castings.
    There are fifteen SKU's available. Individual tiles are priced starting as low as $4. Save over 30% on the tile price with Caverns of Blood sets. TINKERSLAIR.COM

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